All CLEARANCE is 40% off! FREE SHIPPING on orders $75 or more
All CLEARANCE is 40% off! FREE SHIPPING on orders $75 or more
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Meet The Maker

Hello I am Shatia Marie and I am the owner and creator of Tee and Clay Co.
I began making jewelry in May 2019 and absolutely loved making pieces that were strikingly BOLD! After wearing so many of my own pieces I realized that earrings are heavy (ugh!) and set out a quest to figure out how to continue making the statement pieces I loved without the weight that pulled my ear lobes. That is when I found polymer clay.
In April 2020, I discovered this lightweight, malleable material and realized the endless creative possibilities. I researched and tinkered with the material and now I am obsessed with designing new and inspiring pieces. What we wear on the outside is often times based around how we feel on the inside, and it is my purpose to create pieces that awaken the fiercely confident fashionista inside all of us. Rather it is a rich vivid color that commands the attention of those all around you, or a muted earth tone that speaks to the natural beauty within; my goal is to create pieces that move us all to live best version of you!
Who would have thought the girl from Long Beach, CA would start her own small business? It is so easy to doubt the path that continuously is put in front of you when you cannot see it clearly, but I know that when I create I am pouring my love into every piece. When you wear the designs from the Tee and Clay Co. you will feel the confidence that inspires you to take on the day.
A lot to get out of a piece of jewelry, ey? Believe me, I am feeling the pressure as I write these words, but I know that I will continue to work hard in hopes that my makings inspire others to do what they love in life because that is what it is all about.  
Thank you for taking the time to learn a little more about me and remember to be kind to yourself and others.
Sip and Be Beautiful,
Shatia Marie